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If You See This Label On The Fruit Do Not Buy It At Any Cost - Qatar Day

14 Novembre 2017, 10:23am

Publié par Qatar Day

When you buy fruit you’ve probably noticed the little red sticker on every piece you buy, but do you know what it means?Well it contains information about the quality of the product you’re buying and the codes written on the label are also known as Product Looking Number (PLU).



The problem is that not many people know how to read them, but we’re here to tell you how to know exactly what you’re buying

If you buy a fruit that has a 4 digit number starting with a 4 or a 3 it means that the manufacturer used pesticides and chemicals and that it was grown traditionally. If the first digit is a 9 you’re safe because it’s indicative of an organic product, but if it starts with an 8 you should steer clear because it’s GMO. Now you know everything you need for smart grocery shopping.




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